Business Tooling for the Next Generation of Online Merchants;

Social Commerce platform for creators

Deploy a Personalized Commerce Space with Activelink

Activelink enables Media Properties and Original Content Creators to build an independent digital economy, powered by social commerce.

Activelink Fan Engagement Platform
Use Cases

Powering the Social Commerce Revolution

Microtransactions - Social Commerce

Microtransactions (MTX)

Deliver customer journey's that provide delightful experiences for community stakeholders.

Community Memberships - Social Commerce

Community Memberships

Token-gated tooling drives recurring revenue through exclusive access to media, events and more.

Digital Assets - Social Commerce

Digital Assets

Your own branded direct-to-consumer marketplace to easily mint, publish, and trade NFT's.

Web 3 Loyalty Points - Social Commerce

Loyalty Points

Align incentives for community stakeholders with an easy to manage rewards program.

Web 3 Gaming - Social Commerce

Gaming & Esports

Connect with the next generation of consumers through immersive experiences and competitions.

Social Shopping - Social Commerce

Social Shopping

Deliver a more personalized ecommerce transaction with community buying and live-stream shopping.


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