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Competition has always been one of the purest forms of intriguing content. Add an amazing storyline to the mix, along with out-of-this world characters inside and outisde of the games, a digitally connected global audience, and now you’re beginning to get a glimpse of what is one of the most amazing growth stories of the twenty first century; Esports. Esports is the next wave of connection, much like social media did a generation ago, gaming & esports seamlessly connects people around the world and helps build vibrant digital communities.

XR Sports is a new forum of conversation between digital communities and local, regional and national brands, one that can create efficiency and profitability in the marketplace. XR Sports delivers proprietary esports software that enables influential brands, such as professional sports teams, colleges & universities, and major entertainment influencers to build exclusive gaming communities for their distributed fan base to connect & compete against each other for unique rewards & prizes. Building an esports ecosystem is complex, the XR Sports digital network of gaming communities makes it easy to communicate with the next generation of consumers.

Our Team

Kedreon Cole

Founder, CEO

Jimmy Baratta

VP of Business

Abhishek Bhatt

VP of

Shashank Kandpal

Sr. Full Stack

Asmita Walia

Sr. Front-End

Skylar McCort


Joey Carpenter

VP of

Roger Caneda

VP of

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