Our Mission

A More Equitable Internet

Original Content Creators are the lifeblood of the internet. These purveyors of culture have defined multiple generations of the global online community through storytelling. The most iconic moments in time captured through memes, lyrics, game highlights and Influencer collaborations. The most necessary, most stylish and most popular online consumer products were all co-signed by Creators. And what about the good done around the world by Creators? The awareness and education about critical issues, the support for those without a public voice, the online fundraisers for critical research. The inspiration for the next generation of imaginations are powered by Creators! What would the internet today be without Creators?

Somewhere along the line things changed. Yes, online discovery was optimized by algorithms. Creators were able to monetize their work across social platforms. But at what cost? Corporations triggered a race to the bottom. Creators don't actually own the creative content they put on the internet. Fans communities are not referred to as fans any longer, but only platform users. The intimacy of fan relationships is wholly corrupted. Furthermore, the fan relationship is not actually owned by the Creator, but a small number of social platforms that want to monopolize content distribution, monopolize storytelling. This value system is fundamentally wrong. Even worse, the essence of Creator - Fan relationships has forever changed. How many times is creativity now about the most toxic comments? Or cancel culture? Or algorithm manipulation? All with only a few corporations at the top orchestrating this culture of chaos.

There is a better way forward.

Our Vision

A Social Commerce Protocol

Ownership. The conversation must start and end with ownership of our creative work, ownership of our fan communities, and a stronger voice at the negotiating table. XR delivers individual sovereignty for the internet generation. Your own social commerce platform. Your digital home, to build an independent digital economy, that is tied to the lifetime value your community places on your creative work, not only tied to the value of your next opportunity. XR has developed a framework for Creators to build their own digital kingdoms. A framework for decentralized ownership. A framework for seamless communication. Free to deliver bespoke collaboration with Creators, Fans, and Brands on-platform. Ability to capture all the upside of royalties. Eliminate toxic barriers to fandom; no threat of cancellation, no need for back-up pages. Powered by experiential content, the future of creative work is all about control.

Creators,Take back your control!

Our Team

Kedreon Cole
Founder & CEO
Rameshwar Balanagu
Abhishek Bhatt
Lead Engineer
Asmita Walia
Product Owner
Shashank Kandpal
Full Stack Developer
Vikash Prajapati
Full Stack Developer
Rishi Patel
Front End Developer
Dhruv Gaur
Cloud Engineer